Up Your Style Quotient with Stylish Carpet Mats

Now you don’t have to compromise with your room décor while buying door mats. It is no longer necessary to buy ugly looking rubber or other such door mats to keep your rooms in a clean condition. Available in various materials and attractive colors and patterns, you can now choose the carpet mats matching your interiors while efficiently doing what they are supposed to do – keep dirt, water and debris out.

Carpet mats are usually put on entrances or walkways or corridors. Made of rugged material which can withstand high traffic, good quality carpet rugs come with anti skid backing that keeps the mat from skidding even on slippery floors. As the name suggests, these are used as the entrance mats or in the corridors and are made from high strength fibers which are resistant to humidity and minimize deformation and efficiently trap all dirt & debris tracking in the door from outside.

A Carpet mat can also be used in entrance areas of offices or public buildings, hallways, lobbies as these keep dirt and debris from entering the room. Raised and cushioned surface provides effective support for shoes or any footwear and also soaks up the moisture. For the cleaning, they only need to be vacuumed or can be washed with water and hung to dry.

Carpet mats are usually available in sizes ranging from 2×3 feet to 4 x 20 feet for large entrance doors. Runners are available in sizes of up to 4 x 60 feet. These are available in various colors and materials such as vinyl, rubber, carpet, polypropylene or nylon.

You can chose to buy a standard carpet mat or special water absorbent variety which effectively absorbs water or ice and keeps your floors hygienic and dry. These come with special no slip rubber backings resistant to oil or grease. An even better quality carpet mat available can withstand much higher traffics without bring crushed and with superior backing that doesn’t stain the floor. Most of these times these come with beveled or bound edges which prevent fraying along edges and also prevent wear and tear.

Carpet floor mats are better than normal mats because they provide a soft or comfortable feel and can be bought to suit the upholstery of any room. Carpet mats are also available for cars for protecting them from dust and dirt. These carpet mats are cut and tailored to fit the floor space of the car. These provide a plush and comfortable look compared to the vinyl or rubber mats. Carpet floor mats can also be embroidered or patterned to suit your needs.

Some carpet mats can be used to place on carpets under the furniture support legs such as chair or table legs, bed support, cupboards, etc. Since carpet floor mats are resistant to crushing, these mats placed under furniture supports help protect your expensive carpets from permanent staining or crushing.

These mats are suitable for all weather use and can be used for home / office or commercial or industrial uses. Carpet floor mats for commercial uses such as hotel or restaurant entrance mats or office entrance mats are built with high quality nylon to better withstand high traffic and avoid being crushed and retail their shape even after multiple uses. Backing is also of non ski type which prevents mat movement and slipping. These mats are usually vacuumed or hosed down with water to remove the trapped dirt and they are ready to be used again.

With the wide variety of colours and patterns available and even the choice of material, choose best carpet mat to suit your room’s interiors while keeping the floors clean and dry is quite easy.

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