Fire safety Brisbane: Fire Prevention and safety

The damage that is caused by uncontrolled fire is usually deadly and devastating.

Every City in the world has a fire safety policy in place. Fire prevention is a priority, but in the event of a fire, firefighting methods of the highest capacity need to be applied. Fire prevention and fire control is so crucial that cities have rules and regulations demanding that buildings and businesses be fire safety compliant.

The city of Brisbane falls under the north County, It is therefore covered by the North County Fire Authority. Residents of Brisbane are sensitized about the dangers of unchecked fires, this happens through public education and community outreach programs organized by the north County Fire Authority.

Functions of the Fire Authority:

  • Code Enforcement: The family and multi-family dwelling inspection program is one of the busiest activities of the fire authority. All buildings in Brisbane and surrounding cities are subjected to inspection to make sure that they are not at risk of fire outbreak. Education and information about fire safety is given to occupants of the buildings. Business that does is found to be ill-equipped will be violating the city fire code. They are required to strictly adhere to the checklist provided by the fire authority, if they follow the checklist, they will be able to correct any shortcomings and avoid having to pay re-inspection fees.
  • Review plans and inspect constructions: Reviewing the plans for upcoming buildings to ensure that they meet the Building and Fire Code Requirement. All new buildings are required to have a working fire sprinkler in place so that in the event of a fore, they will start extinguishing efforts long before the fire and rescue service arrives. This measure could save lives and property.
  • Investigate fire: The fire authority has a team of experts whose job is to investigate the cause of a fire. With this knowledge, a similar disaster may be prevented from happening in the future.
  • Educate the public. Prevention of fire is far better and effective than fighting fire. The fire authority has embarked on a fire prevention program through schools, exhibitions and displays. These go a long way in making people aware of the dangers that fire cause, they also teach about prevention measure.

The city of Brisbane has many companies that deal with sale and service of fire equipment. The dangers that a fire poses are so serious that the County Fire Authority cannot be expected to deal with prevention measures single handedly.  Companies dealing with Firefighting and fire prevention equipment also take part in educating the residents about safety measures and proper use of equipment. Most homes in Brisbane are equipped with fire extinguishers.

The fire code states that all portable fire equipment be serviced and inspected every six months. This is necessary to ensure that the equipment is in good working condition. Fire or disaster preparedness demands that any devices whose function is to fight or to extinguish a fire be in good working order. This can only be achieved through the semi-annual inspection and service.

There are different categories of firefighting equipment sold and serviced in Brisbane: The consumer will decide what equipment suits his family requirements, while a business operator has to install the recommended industrial kind of equipment.

A list of fire extinguishers (Types) available in Brisbane

A fire extinguisher is a vital piece of equipment for every house, every building, and every vehicle. It should be given the same kind of prominence as a first aid kit.

  • Fire Hose reel
  • Fire blanket
  • Air-Water fire extinguishers
  • Dry powder fire extinguishers
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Fire extinguishers for wet chemicals
  • Mobile wheeled fire extinguishers
  • Foam Fire extinguishers

It is important to note that not all of the listed equipment is applicable to all buildings or dwelling places, although their purpose is to fight fire. It is the duty of the vending company to take the prospective clients through the list of equipment and explain the functions of each one of them. The main thing about fire equipment is function and ease of use.

Fire Safety Brisbane should deal with reputable fire extinguisher vendors, those who put safety before profit. Fire extinguishers are life savers; it is wise to deal with companies or vendors who have good reputations for service and after sales equipment care and service, ask for referees or a list of satisfied customers.

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