Bangalore is one of the most blessed and bountiful city of India. Located at a plain which is quite above the sea level, the city has a very pleasant and calming weather. But that is not it. You may think that Bangalore is just a city blessed by nature, but that is certainly not true. Just as blessed it is by nature, it is also complacent with all the modern amenities.

The city is a blooming IT hub of our country. And there are so many people migrating to enjoy this lethal combination.  Of course, who would not want to live in a city so blissful and sufficing? So if you are planning to move to Bangalore and want to buy an apartment just as fulfilling as the city, then we have the right one for you.

The most recent and talked about project going on in the city is the East Crest Salarpuria. There are reasons to why this project is being talked about so much. This project is a masterpiece in itself.

Launched by the salarpuria sattva group, who are already very well known for the amazing realty projects that they have created earlier, this project has set the eyes of the investors on fire. The project promises so much to offer and the way in which the project is proceeding, there is complete assurance of the promise being fulfilled.

So today here in this article, we will be doing a Salarpuria East Crest Review for all the potential buyers who wish to know better about the projects.

The project is built on the Old madras road, which is a very good location. It has close proximity to all the routes of transport. The airports and railway stations are all in close proximity to the project. Also, the builders have constructed the project in divisions of 1, 2 and 3 BHK which has made it easier for the buyers. The investors get to choose from the different range according to their will and need.

The project is very well made and buyer friendly. But we do not want you to believe our words, but the facts and information.

So down under, we would give you a list of all the modern high class amenities that the East Crest Salarpuria has to offer to its buyers. And here it goes,

  • Jogging track- because good health and fitness is a must
  • Squash court, tennis court and basketball court- because having sports in our lives keeps us younger.
  • Senior citizen plaza- because at this age, they surely need some peace of mind and solace.
  • Skating ring- because the builders do not want people dashing in to each other.
  • Pharmacy clinic- but accidents are unavoidable, so we have the solution too.
  • Green garden- because greenery is what makes a place healthy and refreshing.

These are the high end facilities that the East crest if offering.

So many facilities are being offered to you at a starting price of rupees 32 lakhs. Shocked right? We completely understand.

This review that we just gave has been researched on for quite some time. We do not wish to give any inaccurate information to our readers. We all aim to provide authentic information to the people who are searching for it. That was our Salarpuria East Crest review. So you now have a clear idea of the project.

Tips for Buying a New Family Home

Once you start building a family, there are many reasons why you should move house. Perhaps the house you’re living in now just doesn’t have the space for one more person. Maybe you need an extra bedroom or two. The area might just not be suitable for young children, and you’d rather move to a much quieter and safer neighbourhood for the sake of your family. Whatever your reasons, here are some things to consider when buying a family home.

The first thing to remember is that you need to move into a house which is family-friendly. This includes the neighbourhood too. If you think you’re likely to wake up the neighbours with your baby screaming in the middle of the night, avoid houses which are attached to somebody else’s house and go for a detached property instead. Look for houses which have a garden, so that your children have some space to play outside and you can spend some quality time together in the summer months.

The best homes for families are those which are quiet and don’t have a lot of traffic. Houses situated on a busy road are popular with families since they’re usually in very good locations for schools and shopping centres, but it means that your children are limited to how far outside the house they can go alone, and it could be a constant source of worry to you if you’re anxious about something happening to your child on the road.

If you’d like to get more information about certain areas and which would be best to move into, you can always contact an MLS Barrie Ontario real estate agent. There are many areas in this province which are busy, such as downtown Toronto or in the centre of Ottawa. However, other areas, such as North York, have some neighbourhoods and quieter places, situated perfectly near schools, shops and hospitals but aren’t out of the way from the hustle and bustle of the city and excitement.

Finally, remember to weigh up the space in the homes that you’re looking at. Think carefully about how many bedrooms you’ll need, particularly if you plan to expand your family and have even more children in the future. It’s better to pay the extra for a home with one extra bedroom that you don’t need right now, since you can always convert this into a play room, study or upstairs sitting room if you don’t hear the sound of more little feet in the future. Think specifically about your family and what you plan to do in the future, and this will help you to choose a home which is perfect suited to everyone who will be living in the household.