Can you handle life without air conditioning?

These days, many modern homes and virtually all modern business establishments keep the heat of summer at by way of air conditioning units.  But what did people do before air conditioning was invented?  How did they survive, and could you do it now?

Historically, the earliest form of cooling one’s living space took the shape of where the home was actually built.  Underground caves were cool all year round because of their location beneath the ground – a concept that carried through to the development of modern houses in which basements were constructed.  The basement and lower floors were always cooler than the upper floors.

Another way homes were historically kept cool was through the use of thick, heavy building materials.  Adobe, for example, was used to build houses in hot climates to keep the sun’s warmth from heating the house.  Even today, many houses in warm climates such as Mexico remain cool inside simply because of the construction materials used.

The strategic planting of trees was another way to reduce the heating effect of the sun on the house and keep the house cool without air conditioning.  Shade-loving trees planted on the east and west sides of the house absorbed the sun’s heat, preventing it from warming up the house.

In the past, people also spent a lot of time on the porches in the evenings during the hot summer months, a practice that is still widely kept up today in regions such as the American south where summers are very warm and air conditioning is not the norm.  When the sun went down, the front porch was a cooler, breezier place to relax and socialize before heading inside to the warm house to try to sleep.

Could you live without air conditioning?  Of course you could.  Although living without air conditioning isn’t impossible, it’s certainly not pleasant.  When those summer heatwaves hit, life can be pretty challenging when you don’t have air conditioning.  Being overheated makes you feel like you can’t do anything and it can even make you feel – and even actually be – ill.  Why put yourself through that?

These days, fewer people than ever have to deal with the hazy days of summer without air conditioning.  Although there are definitely ways to beat the heat without air conditioning, the easiest and more reliable way is to contact one of the many HVAC services NYC has to offer.  They can help find an air conditioning option that will best keep your entire house, from top to bottom, at a temperature that will keep you feeling well, comfortable and productive all summer long.  No matter what summer may throw your way, no matter how hot and humid the outside world may be, you’ll be cool as a cucumber when you have an HVAC system professionally installed.  Designed to help regulate the temperature in your home all summer long, an HVAC system installed by a professional HVAC technician will help keep summer’s heat and humidity – and all that comes with that – outside, while you are cool and comfortable indoors.

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