Why Buy a House in Bristol?

Bristol is one of the most well known cities in England. It is a place where many people from London have decided to relocate. It has an excellent economy and a quality of life that outdoes many cities in England. If the opportunity arises to move to Bristol, it is one well worth considering.

More Affordable Housing

Bristol often provides more affordable housing options than many other cities in England, especially London. And depending on where you are looking at moving in Bristol, the property can be even more affordable than other areas. For instance, north of the river, property is usually higher and harder to come by if you have very specific preferences. However, south of the river, the property can often be even more affordable. There are areas though that are changing quickly as they are close to the train station. Especially the areas surrounding Temple Meads, making the potential to commute to London much more favorable.

Family Oriented Communities

There are a number of different communities throughout Bristol which are family oriented. Many of these areas have a number of schools that are excellent options, but the admission process for many schools should be researched if basing your decision largely on schooling. Most of the family oriented communities are further away from the city center, but can be accessed by public transportation. They are also driveable, but like many English cities, can be difficult during peak hours. There are a number of good medical centers for families, including mothers who are expecting and needing birthing centers closeby. Many of the communities have local parks and playground for children to enjoy, and you do not have to go out of your way like living in London to find them.

Beautiful Scenery and Convenient Location

The hills of Bristol make for some beautiful views and a wonderful skyline. Many of the homes are up on a hill, needing steps to access the home or into the property’s courtyard or garden. The city has more greenery than London does, and countryside is just a short drive away. But even though it has more access to countryside it is still conveniently located an hour Devon and Wales, making it possible to travel easily between Bristol and either of these cities. And there are many areas of Bristol which are easy to get to London to visit friends and family. And the Bristol airport services a lot of countries in Europe if you want to get away on holiday without having to travel to another city.

Local Attractions

While it is a smaller city than London, Bristol is really not lacking in anything. There is plenty to do including a number of local attractions that many people are not aware of. The local science museum and natural history museum are frequented by families. Bristol offers a number of musical and theater performances for those looking for the fine arts. There are also a lot of local festivals, including music festivals for the community to enjoy. There are ample choices for coffee and dining which are enjoyed by the locals.

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